"Jaxson" My Dapple Dachshund
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Dachshund loyalty can lead to seperation anxiety for your little furry friend. Don't be surprised if you find a few
chewed items laying aroung when you return home...it's called stress relief (for them of course.)

Dachshunds are not recommended for families with small children. Clever and courageous, they tend to have a no
nonsense demeanor about them, which doesn't always mix well with small energetic children.

But for the busy adult, you couldn't ask for a better canine companion. Playful when you want to play, laid back when
you want to relax, a true nap guru.

Dachshunds are natural born burrowers. Expect to have company not only on your bed, but also under the covers.
Jaxson will literally push you aside to burrow himself down in the covers.

Housebreaking (Good Luck)

Did I mention they are stubborn?

Dachshunds are extremely hard to housebreak. It was so difficult for us
we gave up and he now uses the bathroom.

Seriously, he does.

After many months (yes, I mean months) of unsuccessful attempts I came
across a fellow dachshund owner. She informed me she had the same
problem and had trained her little doxie to use the bathroom.

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