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The Miracle in the Murky Water

When I was a little girl we lived in a house right next door to my grandparents.  A short walk across the yard, over the little bridge that provided a safe, dry avenue across the creek, up the hill and you were at Papa and Grandma's house.

During the summer on any given day we would cross that bridge more times than I can count.  Back and forth, back and forth.  So much fun, so carefree.  The actual creek was a great source of entertainment as well.  There were minnows, tadpoles, turtles and even eels to keep a lover of nature (that would be me) occupied for hours.

If there hadn't been a good rain for awhile the creek would get a slimy coating of algae on it's bed.  It was a sad day when you slipped on the algae falling in the creek getting green slime all over you, not fun, not fun at all!  But very amusing to bystanding family members for some reason.

The summer also produced some pretty bad storms, and we all knew what that meant...the creek is gonna flood.

I have to admit, sometimes it would get a little scary, that creek would rise so fast!  There was a rush to the basement to move everything so it wouldn't get wet, you knew there was probably going to be ankle deep water down there.

And then, all you could do was sit and watch.  It was amazing.  There goes the ball we left in the yard, there goes a couple of flower pots, and on a couple of occasions, there goes the bridge.

Bridge 2.jpg

The Bridge

Papa and Grandma House.jpg

Papa and Grandma's House,

The Bridge and The Creek

The Creek Flooded.jpg

The Creek at the Height of a Storm

(Yes, that's water)


After the rain subsided, and the clouds began to make way for the beautiful blue sky, and the creek relinquished the fury of the murky, raging water there it was...

The most beautiful clear water passing over a pristine bed of rocks, pebbles and sand.  The algae was gone, no more slime!  Just peacefulness and serenity as you sat there letting the water quietly flow over your feet.  A foot massage from God.

You may have already figured out the message in this story.

Sometimes in life we can get a little stagnant.  Day in and day out we do the same things, and before we know it our lives are covered in slime.  Just a big ol' mess.

And then God steps in to shake things up a little bit to get our attention and clear out some of the comes the storm.

It may look really bad for awhile.  The raging storms of life can wash away jobs, relationships, automobiles, homes and even good health.  But my friend, after the storm passes and the "reign" of frustration, heartache, disappointment and sadness subsides you'll often find that you are better off than you were before the storm.

God is Peace before, in the midst of and after the storm.

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