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James aka Pete Bell, my Daddy. He is naturally an inspiration to so many, I wish I could adequately describe the lives he has so selflessly touched. With his wit and wisdom he inspires on a level that is honestly mind blowing.


After he retired he picked up the hobby of restoring antique automobiles, his first endeavor was a 1930 Ford Model A. He traveled to WaKeeney, KS to pick up what appeared to my sisters and I to be a complete rust bucket, painstakingly driving it back to Virginia to begin the task at hand. He had a vision. His patience and determination to see his vision come to life was nothing short of amazing. To literally spend hours trying to remove one rusted bolt and not become discouraged and abandon the restoration was inspiration at it's best.


This page is not only dedicated to his Classic Fords, but also to the amazing Man, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend and Inspiration he has been and continues to be, Thank You for being You!


Whatever your vision, whatever your dream, see it through, I have Faith when all is said and done it will be Beautiful. I am so very proud to share with you....

Pete Bell's Classic Fords

1930 Ford Model A aka "Beautiful"
1930 Model A aka "Beautiful"
1942 Ford Fordor aka "The '42"

1967 Mustang Convertible


"Dirt Dauber"

Check out the full restoration process on YouTube
Pete Bell's Classic Fords

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