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Height 3.75" /  Wingspan 2.75"


The Angel Bell

Just ring when you're sad or lonely,

Just ring when you're down or blue,

Just ring when the pain never seems to end

And have faith in what you do.

For when you ring The Angel Bell

There is someone there to hear,

He knows just what you're going through,

He knows how much you can bear.

Just smile and hold your head up high

And say, "I'll make it through."

There's a brighter day ahead my friend

And it's waiting just for you!

Angel R. Bell     


Retired Designs

The Angel Bell



When your burdens get too heavy

And you feel you can't go on,

Give The Angel Bell a ring

And say this little poem:

Dear Father I know you're with me

And I know I should not fear,

No matter what the day may bring

I know you're always here.

By my side to see me through

Whatever comes my way,

By my side to see me through

To a brighter day.

Angel R. Bell





The Angel Bell


Ring The Angel Bell when you can't see your way,

Ring The Angel Bell on your dark and gloomy days;

When you feel like this battle is yours alone,

Just try to remember who sits on the Throne.


No sorrow or burden can He not bear,

Just take it to Him, every trouble, every care; 

Then wipe away your tears and dry your eyes,

He's already heard your weary cries.


When you feel like this battle is yours alone,

Just try to remember who sits on the Throne.

Ring The Angel Bell when you can't see your way,

Then sit back, relax and enjoy brighter days!

Angel R. Bell

The Angel Bell 


I've faced many a storm,

I've stood through the rain,

I've dealt with some heartache, 
I've endured some pain.

But through the fight that we live each day,

I kept my faith and continued to pray.

With each round that I fought,

With each punch I took,

I never forgot what I learned in The Book.

Ring The Angel Bell, this battle is won,

I'm enjoying brighter days by way of The Son!

Angel R. Bell




The Angel Bell


The Angel Bell I send your way,

Just to brighten up your day;

A little reminder that I'm always here,

With open arms and a listening ear.


So when your sorrow you wish to share,

No matter when, no matter where;

Just give me a ring and I'll be right there,

Just to show how much I care.

Angel R. Bell


"I'mPerfect Collection"

What if God decided to dispose of me because of my imperfections?  The far from flawless skin, the occasional bad attitude, the dimpled thighs, the unfinished nails, the often unpolished verbal expression of my thoughts.  I am far from the eyes of man.

Over the years I've collected a rather extensive collection of what I labeled "Samples" of The Angel Bell.  The Samples didn't quite make the cut as far as being sold for the full suggested retail price.  So, I thought I would use them as "Samples" when I was out and about marketing.  It's just that I didn't need so many Samples.  The thought even crossed my mind to just toss them.  

But then God...

"I didn't just throw you aside and decide you weren't good enough.  Everything I create is Perfect, a Sample of MY Perfection, a Sample of Me."

I am incredibly Blessed to share with you the "I'mPerfect Collection" of The Angel Bell.

The Angel Bell

"I'mPerfect Collection"

 I may not be right,

Sometimes flat out wrong,

But this is one thing I know,

With all my flaws and all my wrongs,

My God still loves me so.


So it really doesn't matter what you say,

It doesn't matter what you think,

I'mPerfect you see,

In spite of me,

I'mPerfect because of Thee.

Angel R. Bell

ImPerfect TAB.jpg


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